Trucky FAQs

Can I meet Trucky before I book services?
Of course! We’d love for you to meet Trucky in person. Visit our contact page to schedule a time to meet or send an email to

How much does it cost to rent Trucky?
We create custom packages to suit the needs of each event. If you simply want to rent Trucky (without our servers or catering packages) hourly rentals are $350 per hour with a two hour minimum and include delivery and pick up within a 10 mile radius. Visit our Packages page to see the full range of offerings.

How long can I rent Trucky?
There is no maximum time limit for renting Trucky since we build a custom package for your needs but there is a two hour minimum rental per day ($700).

Where is Trucky available to rent?
We are based in Dallas, TX and provide free delivery within a 10 mile radius. We are available for events outside of our travel radius as long as you pay the transportation and travel costs associated with bringing Trucky to your event. You will also need to ensure that your event is in compliance with city codes to accommodate Trucky.

What payments does Trucky accept?
We accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Can I serve my own food and drinks in Trucky?
Yes, we do not sell food or drinks and will work with you to purchase these from a third party vendor. You can also purchase and provide your own food and beverages for us to serve. If you are a licensed member of the food industry and want your own TABC certified bartenders to work the truck we will make sure a Trucky staff member is onsite to assist you.

Anyone working on Trucky must be food handler and TABC certified (if serving alcohol). If you want to rent the truck and serve your own food/drinks we can provide staff for an extra charge.

Can I work with any food vendor I want?
We would love for you to work with our list of preferred local vendors as they are great for Trucky’s space and amazing at what they do but it’s not required. We are also able to work with your choice of vendors as well if they are able to comply to our licensing and serving requirements.

Does Trucky provide servers and bartenders?
Yes our staff is food handler and TABC certified. We require a minimum of two servers for each event and can provide more depending on the size of the event. We have a standard Trucky uniform or we can customize wardrobe based on your design.

Is Trucky a food truck with a kitchen?
We do not prepare or cook any food in our Citroen H van. All of our food is prepared and packaged prior to the event by one of our local Texas partners to be served from Trucky. We can also work with your licensed caterer or favorite local restaurant to create a custom menu to serve.

Does Trucky sell alcohol?
No. Alcohol is supplied by the event organizer or a third party. If you need alcohol brought in we can work with a third party to make the process seamless for you. No pouring or corkage fees. Trucky has general liability and liquor liability insurance for $1 million.

Is Trucky climate controlled?
Since Trucky is housed in a 1969 Citroen H van there is not existing air conditioning and heat in the vehicle. We do provide a portable air conditioner or heater for use inside the van depending on climate requirements at no extra charge.

Does Trucky need a power source?
Yes, we would prefer to utilize two outlets at your space. There is an option for us to power via a generator if the event space is not located near a power source. We can provide power for small electronics in the vehicle but larger electronics may require renting a larger generator which we can quote based on your event needs.

Who is responsible for Trucky clean up?
If our staff is manning Trucky we will handle all trash removal and clean up of the van.

If you are staffing Trucky yourself then all trash must be removed and clean up must be completed by 30 minutes from end of your rental time. Extra clean up time will be billed at $150 per 30 minute overage. We will do a walk around at the beginning of the event and a walk around at the end of the event to check for damage. You are responsible for any damage that occurs during the course of the event.